Our skilled dentists may recommend endodontic treatment if your tooth has sustained damage or become infected. Endodontics is a field of dental specialty that focuses on studying and treating the dental pulp, or innermost layer of the tooth. This section of the tooth contains the nerves and blood vessels as well as the living connective tissue. If this pulp is damaged or infected, it can cause significant pain and may result in the death of the tooth. Endodontic treatment removes the damaged and infected tissue to restore the health of the tooth and prevent the need for extraction and replacement.

There are several types of endodontic treatment that may be recommended. However, the most common treatment is root canal therapy. This procedure involves removing the infected and injured tissues, cleaning the tooth and capping it with a crown to complete the restoration.

When you visit Jennings & Larson Family Dentistry, our dentists will examine your mouth thoroughly to determine the extent of the damage and whether endodontic treatment is needed. We will discuss your oral health and treatment options with you so that you can make a fully informed decision about your dental health.

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