Our experienced dentists may recommend oral surgery if you have developed a dental problem that cannot be resolved with more conservative treatments. Oral surgery includes a variety of dental procedures designed to improve the function, health and appearance of your teeth and supporting oral structures, including your jaw.

Our dentists and team also work closely with trusted specialists to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of care. During your initial consultation, our dentists will thoroughly examine your mouth and discuss your concerns with you to determine if oral surgery is the right option for you and which type of procedure will provide you with the best results.

Some common types of oral surgery include:

  • Tooth Extraction — To remove teeth that are decayed, damaged or infected beyond the point where they can be restored
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal — To remove wisdom teeth that do not have enough space to erupt properly, are impacted or have come in at an incorrect angle
  • Jaw Surgery — To treat TMJ disorders, correct jaw growth and positioning, or improve the fit of dentures
  • Bone Grafting — To increase bone density, especially in preparation for an implant placement
  • Dental Implant Placement — To place an implant post and begin the process of replacing a missing tooth or teeth

We also provide anesthetic and sedation options to help you remain comfortable during your procedure.

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